Honda Pass-Bagger Challenge 2017

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  1. Some news from the Honda and Rever partnership announcing a "Pass-Bagger Challenge" Looks like you download the motorcycle traveling app "Rever" and hit the destinations on your bike. Pretty cool and looking forward to see if anyone else might do a few of these trips on the weekend.
  2. So, I signed up for this on September 12, after reading this post. The app is pretty cool and has some nice features for tracking and sharing rides. Of course there are a number of these passes I had already been over, some several times, before I downloaded the Rever app.

    Of course you only get credit for the passes you have done with the app active, so I have a total of 16 in the app, though I have easily done
    in the 30's. But it gives a good excuse to revisit some of them, not that one is ever needed :)

    Bagged 5 of them yesterday in what was a cold, wet and at times snowy trip. I am not sure how many more opportunities I will have for most of these before the weather causes closures or unsafe conditions, but there is always next year :)

    - Sean

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. @Cuchulainn Uncle, I give up! I got two yesterday and may hit another few this coming weekend but I don't think I'm catching up to someone from CO LOL
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  4. I picked up another yesterday, Wind River Pass for 17. But there is no way I am catching up to Jeff Kimberland from Denver who has 74 hahaha
  5. Picked up Ute Pass on Oct. 11 on the way to Cripple Creek for a total of 18. I may pick up one or two more before winter hits, but some are already closed for various reasons. Cottonwood to pave (boo!) and a couple of others due to ongoing flood repair damage along the Big Thompson. I will see how it goes. Rever sent me the badges for 5 and 10, but I don't believe I will see the badge for 25 this year.

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