How cold is too cold?

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What is the coldest you will ride on purpose?

  1. <20f I have not feeling in my body and I fear nothing

  2. 20-30 Safety 4th

  3. 30-40 Safety 3rd

  4. 40-50 Safety 2nd

  5. 50-60 Fair weather rider

  6. >60 So-Cal dreamin

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  1. I'm far from a fair weather rider. I don't hesitate to ride when it's 40-50 degrees outside, or raining or even a little snow on the ground.
    I'm also a bit of a safety second kinda guy.
    All that said, how cold is too cold to ride?
    My Dad rides year round in Portland OR and always has. He enjoys it a lot more now that he has heated gear. But, I've always followed his golden rule that he generally avoids riding if it's under 40 because it's pretty likely there is ice in shadows etc.
    Any opinions?
    I thought I would try a pole on this one...
  2. With my new heated gear I am comfortable riding to around freezing temps, but only if it is dry. Not much moisture in southeast Kansas so ice isn't a big issue.

    Right now the temps are in the single digits, so no AT riding for the next week or so.
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  3. That's a good point. I honestly didn't think about the moisture.
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    I have ridden in single digits, but prefer not to. Teens are OK as long as the roads are dry. Looking like it’s going to be a teens to low 20’s morning for this years New Years Day ride.

    I will generally wear the heated gear if temps get into the 20’s or lower. Sometimes the heated gloves if I am going to be out in the 30’s for several hours. The fingers tend to get a bit cold over time, particularly the two I use to cover the front brake. I just can’t get into the habit of not covering and keeping them on the heated grip.

    Admin can delete this link if they wish, and/or if I am not supposed to link, but this site and FB page is kinda cool if you are a year round rider. I fit more into the TQ 3 quarts rounder category

    Full Rounder and Sub-Zero Rounder KHOF (Kook Hall of Fame) are a little too hard core for me hahaha

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  5. I've ridden in plenty of cold weather and can still do it if I have to.
    It was certainly easier when I was younger.

    The whole point of riding is to enjoy myself. Freezing my ass off is no longer in the enjoyable category.
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  6. If your not enjoying it, it definitely isn't worth it. So far I am still enjoying it and still having fun. But that may change down the road :)
  7. Speaking of Cold Weather riding.. it is time for Harry Roamers 52nd annual ice racing season. I know other states have similar. If you have never been, it is worth checking out. Good times! :)

    This video is from 2007, but one of the better montages :)

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  8. I don’t mind cold, especially off road where you’re working. I tend to run on the warm side anyway, generally speaking I can get away with a long sleeve T-shirt and jacket shell, anything more then I sweat soak my shirt and really get cold. If the hands go numb then I stop and warm them in the exhaust.

    On road is interesting. Ever get so cold that you shiver uncontrollably?
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  9. Twice. IF I ever get the time to write up my ride report from our Ozarks trip (I am so far behind on things) I will write about one of them :)
  10. I had a ride the evening before thanksgiving a few years back, rode my VTX1800 from LA to Phoenix, left at 5pm. Traffic was a “B”, the bike wouldn’t only go 125 miles on a tank, and it was colder than a well diggers ass. The hypothermia set in at the river.

    Twice. IF I ever get the time to write up my ride report from our Ozarks trip (I am so far behind on things) I will write about one of them :)[/QUOTE]
  11. The first time it happened to me I rode my bike up to Vail one October and the weather was so nice that I decided to take the long way home through some passes. A storm came in quickly along with wind and snow and I had a loooong cold ride back to civilization. When I finally got back to the town of Frisco, I hit an Italian restaurant for some grub. Ordered up a coffee a hot Italian sausage sub and smothered it with pepper flakes. I was shivering all through lunch and still had to make it back home.

    The second time was on that Ozarks trip I mentioned. The weather changed drastically and I was really not prepared. Some extenuation circumstances likely contributed to poor planning and poorer decision making, but I will get to that in the report :)

    Generally speaking though, I am more likely to overheat than to freeze out. In the summer heat I need to wear mesh and those Revit cooling bands around my neck and wrists to keep my body temp down. Winter I am generally OK with a merino base layer under my gear for the most part.
  12. Coming over the Wasatch Range down into Salt Lake City. After nearly 400 miles of 40mph crosswinds and headwinds and temperatures in the low to mid 30s. One long day of riding into the storm to get to the other side. The alternative was to hole up in nowhere-town Wyoming for days to wait it out.

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  13. Well, all that I can say is you are a brave man. Please remember that your tires begin to harden as the temp go below 7 C or whats' that in F (approx. 40). Therefore, cornering and particularly braking will become virtually non-existent. My AT is in a heated workshop on a turkey farm safe and desire to ride in the winter....JMHO
    All the very best for a safe and successful riding season................SHUMBA
  14. Current temp here is a balmy 7º F.....and overnight lows have been sub 0. I'd say that's a wee bit too cold for 2 wheels.

    I agree with SHUMBA. When temps get anywhere near the freezing point I am done. While your tires might be okay, the road conditions are too unpredictable. It's not worth it, and it certainly is not what I would call enjoyable. YIKES! Yes, I know.....I am a weenie.
  15. In the cold and wet, you need to stay calm and stifle the inner Rossi :)
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  16. Those pics make my buns clench. LOL
  17. And I will counter.......In the cold and wet I need to stay calm and sip my coffee. Cuz I'm not riding in that stuff.

    Seriously, if I was traveling and got caught in it, I could deal with it. I am completely comfortable in wet conditions. But when the conditions get close to icy, I am done. Back in the cage with the air bag. ;)
  18. It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone! No, wait.. that's dogs. :)
  19. That doesn’t look all that cold, the snow isn’t even sticking to the pavement.

    I used to ride with a guy that was an artist on the slick stuff, when we would ride in snow all I could see was his long slide tracks in the fresh powder. Made me sick.

  20. LOL. You ever noticed that when we ride in the country that were like dogs... hey, what’s that, pee on it... hey what’s that...


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