How to change a tire......easily

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  1. How to change a tire? Really? Pretty basis stuff .....However, I have seen a lot of poor technique usually paired up with bad language, pinched tubes, sore hands, etc. One of my online moto friends loves to say "If you're working too hard, you're doing it wrong" and I have found that to be all-too-true.

    So for those of you who are old pro's and have no trouble with tire changing......Nothing to see here. But if you could use a little help and/or want to see some of my favorite tire you go.

    Here's my favorite old tire video (sorry about the crappy quality).......Doug makes it look easy, because it really shouldn't be that hard.

    However.....if even Doug was trying to mount a cold K60 I guarandamntee you it wouldn't look that easy.

    Doug covers the proper technique well, but I'll share a few of my favorite tire changing tools and accessories that I have found make the job a lot easier.

    1. Toyota Tire Lube - When working in the shop at home I do not use dish soap or other such products that come in handy along the trail. At home I use a good quality tire lube. There are many out there but one that I recently discovered and really like is Toyota Tire Lube
    As a spray it is really easy to use and it is super slick. It really helps even the toughest, firmest tires pop on the rim.

    2. Motion Pro BeadPro - There are lots of good options for bead breakers but the BeadPro is portable and it has never failed me. It's pricey but when you're trail side crying and losing your religion because you just can't get that @#$^%* bead to let would pay a lot more.

    3. Motion Pro Combo Spoons - I love these things because they kill multiple birds with three stones, they are super light, and the spoons work great. I carry a 27, 19 and their 12/13. I highly recommend them.

    4. Baja No-Pinch Tire Tool - This one is a game changer. It's a wee bit heavy for travel but when I go to AK it's definitely going with me. The Baja makes mounting tough tires, like the K60, a LOT easier. With proper technique even the K60 is doable on the trail, but with this tool there is no grunting, straining, or cussing. I am not a paid endorser.....just a very happy customer. Here's a link to their website and video:

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  2. Great find on the Baja No Pinch!

    I changed tires on my NC700X a couple of times, but this tool makes it look MUCH easier to get the tire back on. :)
  3. I was slow to order it. I felt that with proper technique there was no compelling reason to buy it. But I like good tools and the reviews were all very positive. Now that I have it I wouldn't want to mount another tough sidewall tire without it. Just spray on a little tire lube and the tire quickly pops on with the Baja.
  4. I got one of them, but it doesn't work too great for 21"- the gear is just too short, and it keeps popping out the ratchet. But if you're careful its ok. Works great. Doesn't scratch the rim either.
  5. I haven't had that problem, but I don't use it that often on the front tire.
  6. I was not aware of the Estonia version, or the controversy, but if they did not file a U.S. patent, it's fair game to knock off the design. It happens all the time. As one post I read noted, it is a bit ironic to read about a U.S. company knocking off a foreign design. Most of the time it goes the other way. God Bless America. :D
  7. getting one
  8. I want one!

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