Is the OEM Skid Plate Adequate?

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  1. How much protection does the OEM skid plate provide? Should I replace it immediately or can I move it down the farkle list?

    I am riding gravel and a few rougher roads on my AT, no trails or offroad (yet!).


  2. It is better than a lot of the plastic “placeholders” I have seen on some adventure bikes.

    If you are just doing light gravel and forest service roads, it is probably adequate for bumping down the list a little until your spending more time on rougher roads, where possible impact with it becomes a greater possibility.

    Just my .2, even though it was one of the first things I replaced

    OEM plate, sitting inside the replacement one, for comparison


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  3. The OEM is surprisingly strong for its weight/thickness. I replaced mine because it did not cover/protect the exhaust. Unless you do really rocky sections where you run the risk of cracking/punching the sump, I wouldn't bother. And you can also add another 2mm allu floor/liner to the inside of the OEM to give it more thickness if you are only after sump protection.

    But, some bashplates (like the B&B) also have wings that protect the side casings when you drop the bike. So there is more to them than sump protection and are a good investment.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    Think I will stick with the OEM skid plate for now but will replace it before I tackle more difficult terrain.
  5. I'm gonna replace mine next year with the one from H&B, it's just a little bigger and compatibel with the lower guards from H&B.

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