Is there a market for a Scotts Stabilizer mount?

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  1. @XR Valdeez & @Damian_74 Thanks for the orders! As mentioned above, the damper mount kits will be shipping next week. Assuming nothing goes wrong at anodizing we plan to ship them Wednesday.
  2. @ariforal.unal Yes, you are correct. You need to get the dirt damper (road will work but I would get the dirt damper). The link arm needs to be the LKM-4032-40 .........Link Arm - Stepped (40mm Standard) Mounted in the reverse position. Basically just like this pic but with the arm 180 from where it is in the pic. We plan to start stocking the dampers soon so you will eventually be able to order in one place.
  3. @OneEarTim I am in Turkey so I will wait for the first test feedbacks

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  4. Any update ?

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  5. @ariforal.unal We have been able to ship a decent amount. But, we decided to hold up the next run due to an anodizing consistency issue. The issue was with the color shades matching from part to part. The anodizing still met the Mil-Standard but we expect more from our parts. The good news is that we are happy with our new supplier and expect to be shipping parts again this coming Wednesday. The few people that were planning on doing reviews are in line for this next batch of parts.
    Thanks for asking for an update. I'll post my own personal update from my ride yesterday soon. It was an epic ride and the steering damper proved to be priceless.
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  6. Thanks to everyone who has been ordering. We had a delay on shipping some orders due to an inconsistency in the color shading of different parts. We are very happy with our new supplier and were able to ship all of our back orders yesterday. I hope to see some reviews from the people who get theirs.
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  7. Arrived nicely packed from the US.......QUALITY PRODUCT!

    Thanks Tim.

  8. @Damian_74 Looks good! Thanks for the update.
    The bigger questions is what is going on with your forks? New cartridge kit? Who makes them and how do you like them?
  9. In an effort to prevent the so called "Fork-gate".

    Easier to be proactive rather than wait for Honda to admit fault. The bike had only 2000km's (road) so the fork tubes were essentially in new condition.
    • Kashima Coat
    • New inner bushes
    • SKF seals
    • Andreani Cartridge inserts
    • Rear shock revalved and dyno tuned.

    Took the opportunity to re-grease all the suspension and head bearings - Honda was a little economical with the grease.
    There isn't too much change out of $2000 AUD - but plan on hanging on to this bike for a while!


    So all back together - now have to scratch together some Pacific Pesos for some decent tyres!

    As I am not the tallest Bloke at only 163cm, the final height of the bike was somewhat important to me. When setting up my suspension, Dave at Suspension Matters reduced the height of the front and rear by approx. 20mm. This was to allow me to apply more preload to the rear (using the OEM spring) whilst maintaining close to the stock height (I'm using the optional OEM low seat, in its low position).


    Went for a little ride yesterday - mostly road and a little section of easy dirt.

    My initial impressions.....
    A lot Stiffer! The dive under braking is much reduced making it more stable at speed/ cornering on the road. With the limited play I had on the dirt it was again more stable at speed and absorbed bumps without causing the bike to change direrction.
    I do need to spend some more time with the front and rear preload adjustment, having backed off the front one turn from the four recommended by Andreani, and increased the rear. The feel bike is slightly squatting in the rear which I think may be the cause of the now slightly slower steering - may also drop the forks through the clamps 5mm or so.

    And again in the interest of longevity of the upper tubes I have reduced the lower clamp tension to 15nm.


    Another bonus is that the forks are now a fairly close colour match to the engine rather than the out of place "LOOK AT ME" gold.
  10. @Damian_74 Awesome! I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on something. I'm far from stoked on my suspension.
  11. Tim - I'm considering adding a steering damper. Questions.....Have you started stocking the full kit yet, including the stabilizer, arm and mount? Do I understand that your mount is simple to install and does not require removal of the top clamp?

  12. @Mitch
    Hi Mitch, Sorry to take so long to get back to you. We bought a new CNC Machine to speed up product development and I've been busy getting ready for the new machine.
    We haven't started stocking the Scotts yet. Literally just haven't made the time to fill out all their paperwork. No excuse.
    Yes, the hardest thing about mounting the the damper kit is carefully reading the instructions and understanding how the damper tabs fit and then mounting the bar risers with the tabs. You have already mounted the risers so you know how that is. The frame clamp is easy and doesn't require removing the top clamp. It would have been easier to make one that required removing the top clamp, but we wanted a secure mount that didn't require the extra work. You DO need to replace your risers with a riser/damper mount setup.
    It's probably important for people to know that if you are ever considering a damper you may want to get the damper mount kit to save some money down the road. The risers look the same accept some tabs at the bottom to mount the damper.
  13. Thanks Tim. I should have paid closer attention when I bought the risers. My mistake. I probably don't need the damper, but I know they can really make a difference. I'll probably want to add it before I head out on some longer ADV rides.

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