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  1. anyone tried the limited edition klim at gear yet, need some new gear and was thinking about this stuff, it rates well. the badlands suit looks a bit more hard core but dearer, iwas wondering if it was necessary as the latitude jacket and pants are much cheaper
    thanks for any replies
  2. Seen them around and curious to see if anyone bit the bullet and bought the getup. Seeing that it's Klim, I wouldn't be surprised to find out it's stellar.
  3. IMG_0802.JPG
    I've got the jacket & pants. Very waterproof & protective. Haven't really explored their vent effectiveness - no drafts noticed with all vents closed. 6' 180lbs: 34" pants fit well (got suspenders too) but size Large jacket seems a little long in the torso. Very well constructed from quality components.
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  4. You look official! It actually looks really good with the bike and helmet!
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  5. @Honda-50 You look pro. Thanks for the report.
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  6. Is this picture at Star Wars Canyon ?
  7. Ha ha. No. Somewhere on the road between Borrego Springs and the Saltpn Sea (California).

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  8. That suit looks good. I use a one piece Aerostitch suit made in Duluth, MN. Even tested it in a head on collision with another motorcycle that left my new BMW R1150 a total loss. Love that suit. No blood that day, but couldn't avoid a broken arm in the collision. Wasn't the suits fault though.
  9. I'm shopping for new cold weather riding gear and would love to have the Africa Twin Klim gear, but I ride a HRC AT not a red and black.

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