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Discussion in 'USA West Riders' started by NSFW, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. here just 15 miles north of los angeles.

    still waiting for mine, hopefully in may 2016.

    riding and tech days....let's get together.
  2. I'm in Idaho. The overly conservative state that keeps me here by having kickass trails all over the place.

    My dealer says April 2015, but I think he gets his info after we do, lol.

    Someday, I'll hold a mega West coast Africa Twin rally. We'll have pigs to roast, stories to tell, beer to drink and , well, we wont talk about the rest...
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  3. Well Hello Joel!
    I guess I know what you've targeted for your next ride ;)
    Any info from local dealers yet?
    Kinda thinking about the AT myself...

  4. randy, have mine for over 4 months now and i'm really impressed.
  5. thinking of the same. i can help.

    i organized 2 big rallies at advrider.com

    Pahrump NV - 1st weekend of November

    Death Valley National Park - last weekend of March

    come down and join the fun.
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  6. Did the OBCDR and IBCDR this summer on my AT and had an absolute blast....great country and challenging routes! Off to Mexico next week and then planning the ride to Deadhorse for July-Aug 2017. This bike is fantastic...best adv bike I've ever ridden.
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  7. Happy to hear the bike is doing what it's suppose to do! Would love to hear more about it.
  8. ...so I was tradin' around and this happened...

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  9. Happens to the best of us... :)

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