Lunch time Shenanigans

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  1. So I read this discussion on one of the forums the other day as what constitutes riding, "posers" and "bikers". Some people believe commuting on a bike does not qualify as riding. Others feel every minute in the saddle counts.

    Not to start another debate, but me? I take my fixes where ever I can get them...

    So this thread is dedicated to photos, experiences and shenanigans you got up to on the way to work, on the way back or over lunch time involving riding...

    And to start if off - took a 30 minute breather this week over lunch and headed down to 14 mile beach

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  2. Haha... not to start a debate but I'm on the same page as you. Any riding is good riding. I guess in a sense we're all posers too. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Love these photos and love how empty that beach is!
  3. Strong is the pull of the dark side. To work go, you must...

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