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  1. 2016 Triumph Scrambler - Lots of mods including Ohlins suspension, Zard exhaust, etc.


    2014 Triumph Bonneville T100 Black - Bone stock


    Two 2014 Yamaha TW200's with pretty girls included.....One is my wife, the other is my daughter

  2. Very nice. I wish I still had some of the bikes I've owned over the years, it's just that I can't stand to see them sit so I sell them and move on to the next. The only other bike I have at the moment is a 96 CR500, which has been sitting for 18 months now.

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  3. Sara and I are like that as well. Some past bikes we have had have been a 2007 Bonneville, 2009 Sprint ST 1050, 2011 Tiger 800XC, 2013 Tiger Explorer XC (hated it!!), 2013 Street Triple R, 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure and KTM 450 EXC-F.

    I do technically still own the 1190 Adventure, since I have it on consignment and it still hasn't sold :(

    But the only bikes other than the Africa Twins we have held on to is my wifes KTM 350 EXC-F and my 450 EXC-F.


  4. A life's worth of bikes... and I'm still not done.

    1971 Yamaha DT175
    1973 Yamaha MX250
    1969 Suzuki T350
    1972 Kawasaki 175
    1982 Honda XL500
    1985 Suzuki GS1150E
    1985 Honda XR500R
    1991 Honda Z50
    1997 Honda XR70R
    1982 Suzuki GS1100E
    1997 Kawasaki KX500
    2001 Honda TRX250 x2
    2001 Honda XR650R
    2003 Honda VTX1800C
    2004 Honda XR400R
    2003 Honda CBR600RR
    1996 Honda CR500R
    1998 Honda CBR900RR
    2008 Honda GL1800
    2012 Honda XR650L
    2016 Honda CRF1000L

    I still need to experience a modern 4 stroke dirt bike, something like the 2018 KTM500EXC would do, and I really like the new Goldwing, I can't do sport bikes anymore, never could really, I tend to ride like an ass on them.
  5. If I had more time and more shop space I would own a few more bikes. I took too many years away from motorcycling and now I am playing catch-up. Every bike has its own personality, purpose and style. The Scrambler is my Steve McQueen wannabe bike. The Zard exhaust has a mean growl and the dirt bars and Ohlins suspension make it great for back road romps. The bone stock Bonnie is actually my wife's bike but I ride it as much as she does. I often take it to my office. It is so super relaxing. The 865 parallel twin with the 360 firing interval, with the pea shooter exhaust, make it run and sound like a sewing machine. The gently pulled back bars and comfy position make it a very relaxing, laid back ride. I really love that bike. The two TW's get ridden a lot by my wife and me. We will jump on them in the evening for a nice relaxing gravel ride to look at the crops and cows. The TW is a GREAT little bike. With the big tires and light weight you can take that thing just about anywhere. It doesn't have enough suspension travel or capability for hard riding, but it's a great trail bike.........So many bikes, too little time. But I ride them all every chance I get.

    Now on my wish list is the new Triumph Speedmaster. Look that one up. I don't care for the riding position of a true cruiser. But the new Speedmaster looks to be the perfect blend of Triumph classic mated with a cruiser. I love the look and once again, it has a whole other personality. It is only a matter of time before I make room in the shop for one.
  6. Awesome listing of bikes! Turning a little green with envy.

    Still working on my next bike, thought I would keep my '12 NC700X forever but my local dealer gave me too good of a deal on the trade-in for my Africa Twin.

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  7. I’m always going to keep the most recently purchased bike forever. I traded my 2012 XR650L in on the AT. The XRL was heavily modified with an IMS tank, FMF exhaust, Protapers, Shoria battery, skid plate, small blinkers, Baja Designs LaPaz 8” race light, desmogged, XR tail light, second wheel set with street rubber... It was a nice bike, and I didn’t really want to get rid of it, but in reality it was kind of a POS, it probably was the worst shifting bike I ever owned, it was under powered and the suspension sucked. But life is short and it doesn’t do any good to look back, someday I’ll remember the AT as one if the good ones, I wonder what I’ll be riding then.

  8. My AT replaced my much loved and heavily modified 2012 KLR. The KLR is the most-loved and most disrespected dual sport bike, all rolled together. I miss the utilitarian nature of that bike. I could strip it down to the frame and put it back together in a day. It was a bike that I knew if I was in the middle of nowhere I could get it started with some electrical tape, a zip tie and some chewing gum. With the suspension mods that bike actually handled really well.......I miss it. But not so much that I would ever go back to it. The AT is better in every way, and especially with the mods I have made and am making to it.

    Here's a pic of the KLR.......What a garage queen!


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