New Corbin Seat!!!

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  1. I am fortunate to live 20 minutes away from Corbin's CA factory and made an appointment for a ride in service scheduled for today. Got there before opening and was the first bike in. They already had my seat mold ready to go and after 3 trial rides, I was happy with the setup. The seat cover took 2 more hours and I was out of there in under 3 hours. They have amazing service, super knowledgeable staff and a truly custom experience. The retro café onsite with free coffee and other riders make the wait very pleasant. There are infinite combinations of materials, colors and designs available and everything is done in house. I can go back anytime for the seat to be further tweaked which I might do after riding on it for a couple of thousand miles. The seat immediately feels more comfortable than the stocker and I am so happy to go this route!
    Stock seat
    [​IMG]untitled-1781 by
    Mold ready for test ride
    [​IMG]untitled-1783 by
    Mr. Corbin himself came by
    [​IMG]untitled-1785 by
    Retro Café
    [​IMG]untitled-1786 by
    Seat being constructed
    [​IMG]untitled-1788 by
    It's Done!!!
    [​IMG]untitled-1790 by
    [​IMG]untitled-1792 by
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  2. Nice :)
    Is the saddle 1 piece?
  3. yes
    one piece
  4. Very. very cool! Awesome looking seat
  5. Very nice looks lower, is it?
  6. I'm really happy with my Corbin seat.
    I've only done one ride on it but that was a loop from Oregon to Ohio and Arizona. Back to Oregon, 6000 miles.
  7. Feels a little lower than stock in low position.

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