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  1. I decided to install the Oxford heated grips instead of the Honda Heated grips I bought when I picked up my bike. Aside from the Honda version being crazy expensive it sounds like they don't get very warm.
    I new I had a big ride coming up that would take me into the mid 30s so I rushed to get them done before my trip.
    I also decided I HATED having the wiring for my GPS and 12v acc behind my head light.
    So I ran a new power distribution under my seat.
    My goals:
    1. Have a key on power supply for Grips, 12v accessory, GPS and external lights.
    2. Have one easily accessible place to trail side trouble shoot problems change fuses etc.
    3. Have the whole fuse block power on and off with a relay when the key is turned on/off
    4. Have a 12 SEA plug for my pump and battery tender.
    Mission almost accomplished. I ran a direct cable from the battery to a 30amp breaker then through a relay and to the fuse block. The relay was switched on when the key is in the run position.

    I was a last minute thing before a ride so of course I forgot the SAE pig tail. But all worked good. I like the Oxford grips. I think I'll do something fancier for the Oxford control mount at some point and I still need to add the external lights. But, I do have all the wires in place and ready.
    Africa Twin Electrical 2.PNG
    Africa Twin Electrical.PNG Africa Twin Electrical 2.PNG Africa Twin Electrical.PNG Africa Twin no tank.PNG africa twin without body work.PNG
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  2. Nice neat job, I have the Eastern Beaver but that's a good alternative. I've also just fitted Oxford grips and found the touring version were plug and play without any trimming. Just out of interest for others thinking of buying - the advanced versions have a recessed lip to the right side so no need to trim the throttle body as some have found with earlier versions (premium) The throttle side glued first time to the plastic body but I had to re-do the left side as the glue didn't take to the metal bars. All good now tho.
  3. @Corki Where the heck were you a couple weeks ago!!!!!!! I just searched for Eastern Beaver and that woulda done what I wanted! Also the advice on the Oxford grips sounds spot on. I had to trip my adventure grips where almost all the rubber part was trimmed off. They ended up fine, but sounds like the touring would have been perfect.
  4. the eastern beaver is an mazing piece of equipment, so pleased with mine and couldn't be easier to use.
  5. @OneEarTim Sorry mate, I assumed you've been reading the threads by Belrix and Mitch and knew about it. What you've done is a good job and does the same thing. I was also tempted by the Adventure grips but read they can only be trimmed to 122mm. The OEM are 120mm so thought I'd buy the same size. TBA any of them will do, just depends if you want to trim and take up a couple of mm Mr Honda left.
  6. Ordered the Eastern Beaver today, thank you all for the excellent advice.

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  7. Auto repair 101: Throw that test light in the trash, it doesn’t belong anywhere near a computer controlled vehicle.

    Nice job on the wiring.

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