New Farkles Added!

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  1. Added some new farkles to the AT today.

    Givi crashbar waterproof bags. Currently housing spare tires, tire pump, tools, etc.

    Rox bar back risers, works with H&B hand guard protectors and makes it way more comfortable while standing.

    Alt-Rider dual brake enlarger. Easier to reach rear brake pedal either sitting or standing.

    Hope to get more miles on the AT to try them out!


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    I will be interested to hear what you think of that brake enlarger. I ran into a guy at the KTM Adventure Rider Rally. He bought one prior to doing the TAT from Michigan to Colorado. Along the way he decided that he hated it so much that he duck taped a small stone next to the higher part to even it out. He removed it when he got home.

    But that was him and everyone is different. Will be curious to to hear your thoughts

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  3. Those GIVI Crashbar Bags are a great idea. SW Motech has similar ones but they are nearly double the price. Looks like a great place for tubes and supplies.
  4. About a hundred miles ridden with new farkles and so far loving them!

    I like the dual brake extender, it is easy to find the rear pedal either sitting or standing.

    The Givi bags are great and are more of a trapaziod shape then indicated on the web, but this makes them fit the SW-Motech crashbars very nicely.

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  5. Your Africa Twin is legit and ready for a zombie apocalypse! :) Keep these coming.

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