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  1. ’17 sitting in my garage with 14.9 miles on it. Got to ride around town a little before the snow.. 14.8 miles worth lol. I have seen a lot of good advice from here already so thanks to all.

  2. Welcome to AfricaTwin.Org. Gundog! Congrats on the new AT. Hopefully the snow will melt soon and you can get some more miles on it :)
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  3. Happy to have you here at @Gundog! Looking forward to hearing more about your trips.
  4. Welcome to the group. What color? DC or manual?
  5. Red, manual. I went back and forth quite a bit in the clutch thing. Ultimately I decided it would be very expensive to fix the DC in the future if needed, and I can work on a manual myself, so I opted for manual. Not sure it was the right thought process but it is siting in my garage so it is what it is :).
  6. NMBDR end of May. Can’t wait.
  7. It’s a very lite clutch, you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Congrats on the new AT and welcome to the forum!

    (You should have bought the DCT.....I am so biased. ;))
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  9. Welcome and congrats!

    Manuals rule. :)

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  10. Me too! DCT=FTW :)
  11. Welcome to @Gundog!
  12. BTW....I like your username

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  13. Siblings? They look like they all have the same right eye.

  14. The one is back and the one front left share the same parents, but were in different litters. The one front right shares the same father, but his mother is the sister to the mother of the other two. Thus, he is a brother-cousin.....or bro-co as I call it.

    The one in back is the oldest. Her name is Bo. Females are more difficult. She's sweet as can be, but really stubborn. She does what she wants, when she wants......kinda like my 19 year old daughter.

    The one front left is Pudge, a male. He is a great dog but has one really annoying habit.....He whines when he wants something. It is so annoying. Not sure why he does it and don't know how to stop it. Other than that, he is all-world.

    Now the guy in the front right, his name is Mac. We picked him up on a whim. I just happened to click on the breeder's website one night and there was Mac on the front page. He had a problem with an eye so they could not sell him until it was fixed. He was about 8 months old and without question.....the weirdest looking Lab I have ever seen. He looks like a Lab got busy with a Dachshund. I thought he was so ugly that I called my wife into my office, laughing, to show her the ugly dog. The next thing I know, we're headed up the road to the breeder to buy him.....WTH? How did I get here??? Anyway, the really strange thing is that dog LOVES ME.....I mean like no dog (or wife or child) has ever loved me. As soon as I come in the door he is right next to me, for the remainder of the evening. That ugly, pointy-nosed Lab has won my heart. He is the ONLY dog allowed to get on the couch in my office.

    That is way more than you asked....but that never stops me from telling stories.

    P.S. If you think I was exaggerating about always at my side, or under the desk? I snapped a pic. There he is.

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  15. Welcome to the AF family. Safe rides

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