Ohlins Suspension Upgrade for the Honda Africa Twin

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  1. I've actually been thinking of fitting a Touratech rear unit at some point, seems they get really good reviews and at slightly more than half the price of an Ohlins shock.
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  3. I'm doing something soon. I'll check them out.
  4. Give Rick a call. After a brief conversation you'll be impressed. He designs and manufactures his own shocks, and he's also certified with Ohlins. Either way you get a suspension designed for you.

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  6. Looked at their web site....or should I say ‘tried too’. If they’re going to make it so difficult to read because of using stupid colours, they’re chasing custom away.
  7. hey now...it's the classic: I hired a high schooler to design it...
    Forget about the site. Ted at the beemer shop (South Cali) knows his stuff inside out.
    If you're not in his neck of the woods, get a hold of him, and he can point you to the right person.
    He's extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. This is my 4th rear shock from Ted.
  8. I decided I love my AT......So I went all-in. I now have the Ohlins STX46 in back, and given the reports of early fork tube wear, I ordered a set of Ohlins FFHO 101 forks for up-front. I also ordered a Scotts steering stabilizer and a mount from Motorcycle Adventure Gear (OneEarTim). I now have no excuses. ;)
  9. how much are the forks...should I even ask..
    The Tractive drop in cartridges are $1500 USD...
  10. I promised to not quote my deal, but retail price is $2800. When I added up the cost of sending the forks off to have the tubes coated and either new springs and re-valve of the OEM......or install Ohlins cartridges......it was worth the extra cabbage to just get the Ohlins forks. Problem solved....Forever. Big improvement in performance and no hassle. The forks are on their way from Sweden. When they get here I will slide them up the triple tree, torque it down, reinstall the front wheel and fender......and ride happily ever after. :D
  11. I have no issues posting suspension prices.
    The shock is not cheap, nor the cartridges...last time I checked they were $1500 USD each...
    And that's the top of the line tractive shock discounted.

    Send pics!

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