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  1. Just moved here a couple of months ago. lets share riding area info!
  2. That's a tricky one. Some don't like to broadcast their spots so they can keep them unknown, pristine and open. I for one don't blame them. I've seen it too many times, an area becomes popular, the Forest Service or BLM wants to map it, people unwittingly help these entities map the areas, then the closures come. Whatever the cause, whether it be overcrowding, noise, dust... ultimately it was the increase in use that caused it. Meet some folks in your area, gain their trust, then keep it.

  3. then, as i get to know more people we will resort to private messages. to share info and ride with newly made friends....
  4. Get out there and explore. That’s what I did 30 years ago, and still do, you’ll find some amazing riding. Oh, and Google earth is an excellent tool for scouting.

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  5. Apps like REVER and similar, where people have uploaded and shared their routes can also make for some good exploration

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