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  1. I've read on a magazine that during a print test after a small accident peg support got broken and it's alu-cast and not weldable

    any of you faced the problem?

    is it better to bring a couple of spare support just in case?
  2. I would carry at least 2 of each, depending on how many times you think you'll crash.
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  3. yeah mine broke off quite easily with a slide on a dirt road, still waiting for the new one, the right side is more than footpeg support it has the rear brake as well. cast alloy was a stupid idea IMO to have in this region specially when they gave it a steel tube frame for the very reason of easy backyard repairs
  4. any idea about the cost?
    I think it's mandatory to have both of them spares for long trips
  5. not yet but when I get it all fixed ill tell you, spare footpegs for a trip is a joke, might as well strap a spare seat on too
  6. Dear Jimbo, my last long run for example was a 8'700 km ride between July and August: it would be fun to get stuck thousand kilometers from home waiting a couple of weeks for spare parts maybe just because your bike fell from side stand...

    if you just make sunday-rides around your town it's ok not having spares with you but when i do adventure rides i always have for example a clutch lever and some other critical spares that can save my ass in the middle of nowhere
  7. fully understand but I've never carried spare footpegs before, have you? My comment with the spare seat meant where do you draw the line,and stuff Honda for making a stupid decision with cast alloy footpeg supports. However I just recalled on my xr 650 r the right hand footpeg bolts both snapped off when I landed hard from a jump on a track once, they were steel bolts in an alu thread and were also a weak design. Wound up having to drill right through the frame & put longer HT bolts with nuts on the other side. From then on I always carried spare footpeg bolts with that bike but never needed them again.
  8. Jimbo, I know that Murphy rules are always following us ;)

    by the way some items as the peg itself or the relevant screw can be fixed with a temporary solution

    this casted-alu item looks like something that is difficult to replace with a piece of steelbar or something else this is why I am thinking about buying a spare for the long trips
  9. yes I wonder how strong the left side is, it does look a bit sturdier. the right side is sturdy for what it is designed for but when hit from underneath it is not. FYI bmx stunt peg works well with inner tube wrapped round for grip. My kid wants his stunt peg back so is anxious for my parts to come also.Have a good trip nitronori
  10. dropped mine yesterday on a dirt road. It tweaked the peg mount and when I stood on it and lightly bounced on it it snapped off. Poor design. I was hoping someone had an aftermarket design... maybe billet aluminum or steel. Cast aluminum was a poor choice.

    Also rear brake lever wrapped all the back and looked like a horseshoe. Has anyone fitted a brake snake?
  11. do you have a pic of the damage?
  12. This is some of our fieldwork after straightening the brake pedal out. The pedal was bent all the way back past the foot peg.

  13. I just returned from the Touratech rally in Huntington, PA. I'm estimating around 6-8 Africa Twins there. (One actually won the slow race, which was quite competitive, with good riders on GS1200s and KTMs.)
    At least two of the participants in the rally actually broke their foot peg support bracket. I talked to one and he told me about his incident and about the other rider. He was not doing anything extreme. He weighed around 250#, but still yet.
    I often stretch my legs by standing up at highway speeds. If my peg support snaps as I'm standing at 75 mph, I might very well go down.
    There is obviously a design flaw with the foot peg support bracket and all AT riders should be made aware. This is a life-threatening defect.
    If you too have a similar incident, please post your experience and I'll make sure Honda learns about it and issues a recall.

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  14. I have only seen and heard of the right peg support breaking. I also think if you have a good skid plate and lower crash bars like the ones rom BDCW you won't have as much of a problem. That being said I am planning on getting a right side spare to carry. There is also a company making a support that makes th right peg practically unbreakable. I think it's Camel ADV. They make a high fender kit and a rear fuel tank as well.
  15. I checked out the Camel ADV video of the peg brace.... might have to consider getting one. It's cheaper than replacing the peg mount. I too like to stand occasionally going down the road at speed and I am leery of the peg's strength.
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  16. yes seems overkill but will do and there is nothing else as yet and I couldn't be bothered coming up with something myself mine snapped off quite easily so don't want again
  17. I'd read quite a bit on how the right peg could break, sometimes just from falling over. So I looked at Camel ADV's brace, watched the videos... He beats his bike pretty well, and has raced it. So, I ordered up the longer brace (he has two versions). Took about a week to get from Canada to Texas, but well worth it. It was pretty easy to install. I stand once in a while, too, and was always wondering if it could break from standing and hitting a good bump. Would not be fun trying to recover from that. Seems like a good thing to spend $100 on, for the peace of mind. Sorry don't have a picture.
    Hope that helps someone decide.
  18. Evidently the ‘18 AT has steel support brackets. I looked at Camel ADV brace but can’t use it with BDCW.

  19. Its still cast tho i was going to get the new mounts for my 2017 but that a lot of money because both sides need to be changed and the foot pegs are different so you need to buy new pegs as well. I think the camel option is stronger than the new mount.

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