Poll: Upper Crashbars?

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Poll: Upper Crashbars?

  1. None

    9 vote(s)
  2. Honda (OEM)

    1 vote(s)
  3. Touratech

    2 vote(s)
  4. Givi

    2 vote(s)

    3 vote(s)
  6. AltRider

    2 vote(s)
  7. Holan

    1 vote(s)
  1. What type of crash bars do you guys and gals like? Share your thoughts!
  2. None. The only crash I've had, other than simply dropping the bike on its side, was a lost front at about 20 mph. All of the body damage was above where a crash bar would have been. And from what I can see of the crash bars and how they mount, I doubt that they would protect much when the time comes anyway. Engine guards are a must. The GIVI lowers on my bike saved the engine, the guards and mounts were damaged but easily repairable. Add soft bags and you have great cushions for when the bike goes over, without the bags the frames keep the bikes rear off of the ground.
  3. ALTRIDER Upper and Lowers on my AT fit and finish is great very well made

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  4. Going Touratech upper/lower and skid plate. Largely because I was able to get discounted parts and free install rolled into the purchase deal. But Touratech stuff is of pretty good quality. If paying full price and installing them myself, I would have gone Alt-Rider.

  5. Closing down sale?


    Sorry, just couldn't help myself.... :oops:
  6. No sir. 2016 holdover with 81 miles from demo rides that was on their move it now list :)

    Edit: Or did you mean Touratech? Hard to say with that. Hopefully the stuff still comes in? yikes!

    Edit2: Speaking of which, I still need a replacement part for one of my panniers. I should order that while I still can.
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  7. AltRider...


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    I bought the Givi Crash Bars for the upper fairing, DCT and Alternator cover protection.

    IMG_20170824_084558949.jpg IMG_20170824_084736090.jpg
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  9. If I have to redo my purchase, I think I would pick the Givi as well.

    One thing that is not very clear from photos and item description - do you have to take off the bars at all to do maintenance on the bike? I.e. Can the top bars be swun forward without completely removing them to remove the fairings? And can you access the bottom oil filter on the DCT without removing the lower bars?
  10. I went with the Touratech combo, mainly because I was able to get a discount on the kit, rolled into the purchase. But I think the combo of upper/lower crash bars and the Rallyform skid plate offer fairly good protection...

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  11. You do not have to remove the Givi bars drop the OEM skid plate to do an oil change. You do need to remove the upper bars to remove the fairings but not the lowers bars. The top bars unbolt with just a couple bolts.

    You do need to drop the front exhaust to install the Givi bars but again not a difficult job.
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  12. Thanks - I am referring to the DCT oil filter on the side of the engine. Some lower bars cover this and the photos are not that clear on this. How long you estimate to remove the upper bars?
  13. I gave up dropping my bike several years ago. But I did put SWM on the AT....just in case. ;)

    Curious to know how much the full Altrider setup weighs. For me that is one of the big trade-offs with upper bars. They add a lot of weight and they add it up higher on the bike.
  14. I don't think the givi bars will interfere with dct oil filter but I haven't changed dct since I put the givi bars on. Upper bars can be off in about 15 minutes.[​IMG]

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  15. Here the H&B upper and lower crash bars. almost everything from H&B.
  16. Why no mention of HEED crash bars? The uppers are around $200 shipped and the full coverage (upper and lower) bunker version is around $300 shipped. They appear very sturdy and affordable. After looking at all the options and the prices, I wound up going with the uppers and a bumot bash plate. Haven't crash tested them yet but they seem up to the task of protecting the bike.
  17. @zortose Truth be told, I don't know too much about Heed crash bars. How do they look and fit on the Africa Twin?
  18. They look as good as any of them. Here's my bike with the HEED upper bars.

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  19. My bars aren't on the vote list, but as per another thread about my testing them out, I'm really impressed with them. In my very humble opinion they give you the minumum amount of bar, therefore less added weight, yet still great protection. Plus, the price point was really good as well. Just don't have the pocketbook for extensive list of mods and have to choose wisely. I think Happy Trails has made a great product and want to thank them by passing on the info.


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