Poll: Whats your opinion on loud exhaust pipes?

Discussion in 'CRF1000L Exhaust' started by SoCalEddie, Jul 18, 2017.


Whats your opinion on loud exhaust pipes?

  1. I love it!

    4 vote(s)
  2. Don't mind it.

    7 vote(s)
  3. Hate it.

    3 vote(s)
  1. Do you love it? Don't mind it? Hate it? Share your thoughts and feelings.
  2. It all depends on the type of noise. A Ducati with a booming pair of Termignonis is pure heaven. A performance two stroke fitted with expansion chambers that resonate off the walls of buildings....spine tingling ecstacy. My Africa Twin with full titanium Arrow system....a tad loud louder than I'd like, but that's the price of better looks over the oe can.
  3. Hate it. Been a rider for 43 years, loud mufflers are obnoxious. They make the public dislike motorcyclists. Hell, I've had Harley riders tearing down my street at full throttle with wide open exhaust at 3 am. I won't say what I wanted to do to them but lets say it didn't involve a hug. Yes, I've owned bikes with loud exhausts and they even annoyed me.

    To each his own.
  4. For off road I tend to like stealthy. On road, loud seems to aleart cagers to your presence. If it's loud, it better be doing something, unlike a Harley, all that noise and nothing is happening.
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  5. Stealth for me. I want to be able to sneak around where I am not supposed to be when I am off road. And on road who wants to "Alert" your local policeman who is sitting around the corner to look up and see who is getting on it? You might as well knock on his car window and ask for a ticket.
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  6. Don't mind it but also don't love it too if that makes sense. Obnoxious noise producing motorcycles do nothing. Pretty sounding obnoxious motorcycles that have purpose makes me fall in love. Haha.
  7. Right? A Duc, the Yamaha triples, a crossplane crank R1 with the right muffler, anything 2 stroke... stirs the sole.

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  8. I'd like something with a bit deeper note. I don't want ridiculously loud, just a bit throaty. It's annoying to me that cam chain whirs louder than the exhaust.

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  9. Hate it. I like a nice tone, but loud is annoying.
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