Quick trip up in the Cascades

Discussion in 'Short Ride Reports' started by Ken503, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. My sister-in-law's parents have a cabin up in the Crescent Lake area that she invited my wife and I up for the weekend. My brother-in-law and I decided to take that as an opportunity to ride up together while the rest of the crew (wives, dogs and kids) rode together in the car. Unfortunately, I was not great about taking pictures this weekend.

    Left work early on Friday to meet up with the brother-in-law and we took off for the Cascades. Avoided I-5 as much as we could until we hit Eugene, then took Hwy 58 (Willamette Pass) east. Traffic was pretty sparse for the most part, which made for a quick ride. 58 is all around a nice road to travel. Lots of long sweeping turns and some pretty views along the way. The route is dotted with trailheads and campgrounds, so there's no shortage of places to stop and explore or camp.

    We topped off the gas tanks at Oakridge and grabbed a much needed bite at Stewart's 58 Drive-In.


    Great burgers!


    After that, we hit the road again to get up to Crescent Lake and meet the rest of the family. Went over to Waldo Lake on Saturday to play in the water and sun. If you're ever up there, stock up on bug spray because the mosquitoes are awful! My wife and I both got bit plenty even after a couple heavy sprays of repellent.

    This was the longest stint I'd had in the saddle since before a wreck I had last summer. Definitely need to build back up again to be able to do a longer road trip. I did take this as an opportunity to do a dry-run and pack up all my camping gear to see how it all fit. Didn't really need any of it, but it was a good time to try out all the luggage and see how things went. Tent, sleeping bag, self-inflating pad, camp stove and cooking gear all fit with room to spare. I do want to get a largish dry bag for packing clothes, etc. I just took a backpack for the weekend, but a longer trip with the possibility of inclement weather would require something better.

    All-in-all it was a fun and successful weekend. I'd love to take the opportunity to hit up some of the forest service roads around there and do some camping out in the wild.
  2. Love reading posts like this and thanks for sharing this. That burger looks on point @Ken503!
  3. Good ride! When I was a kid my Dad would take me to Washington from Sacramento every summer bungee corded on the back of his bike. We would often go 97 to 58 to a few options on the west side of 5. I've been wanting to revisit Oregon as an adult on a motorcycle.
  4. There's a ton of great places to ride up here. Maybe not right now since it seems like everything is on fire... But ordinarily there is!

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