Seguin trail Ontario

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  1. I went for a wee ride the other weekend. Had a blast riding between Sprucedale and Tally Ho road. Only one waterhole was deep enough to get water up past the front wheel - a bit sketchy but I escaped disaster :) 20171022_120833_HDR (1024x512).jpg 20171022_123046_Burst01 (1024x512).jpg 20171022_123118_Burst01 (1024x512).jpg 20171022_123122_Burst01 (1024x512).jpg 20171022_123602_Burst01 (1024x512).jpg 20171022_130455_HDR (1024x512).jpg 20171022_131858_HDR (1024x512).jpg 20171022_131902_HDR (1024x512).jpg 20171022_144945_HDR (1024x512).jpg
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  2. Wow. This is some pretty stuff. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming!

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