Short rides from down under

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    Nullarbor rockhole run

    South Australia and Flinders Classic 2016

    Steph's Flinders Classic 2017 (CRF250L, XL1000v & CRF1000)

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  2. Wow... this short adventure is a dream to ride. The views...
  3. What kind of gear would you bring on these short rides?
  4. We ride quite remote - If you don't take it, you don't have it.

    • Water
    • Food
    • swag/tent
    • extra fuel
    • Trangia stove, coffee hand-spresso etc
    • basic tools
    • lithium power pack (for jumpstarting the bike etc)
    • spare tubes, pump and patch kit
    • SPOT tracker, Kindle, camera, phone and sometimes a small travel pc
    • folding table and chair
    just the normal stuff...
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  6. Nice vid mate, is that a Yorkshire accent I detect? I reckon there could be a drone on someone's Crimbo list.
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  7. Picked up Peter's Urals from Perth and rode them home. 2 days, 1200km. Good fun

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  8. Day ride to Hopetoun for lunch on Saturday


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