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  1. The AT comes with Dunlop Trailmax D610F front and Dunlop Trailmax D610 rear - which come from Dunlop Japan and are not available in the states except through some Honda dealers, or so the Dunlop representative explained to me. The US Dunlop website has only tubeless tires which brings me to this question: The US Dunlop site shows the Trailsmart tubeless tires in the correct size (and type ie, bias ply front and radial rear) to fit the AT, but has anyone tried fitting a beaded tubeless tire to the AT's tube type rims and of course use a tube? And if you have, is it more difficult to get the beaded tubeless tire on and off the rim as opposed to a tubed tire?

    The same question I pose above to anyone having experience putting a beaded tubeless tire of any manufacture on the existing AT rims without modifying the rims for tubeless tires?

    Thanks in advance for any information at all!
  2. yeah , a mate of mine needed a tyre in a hurry and he had spoked rims. the bike shop told him it was ok to put a tubeless tyre on his rim as it was all he had in stock. As he was in a hurry he accepted the blokes opinion and put it on with a tube in it only to get a flat front 400k's down the track.When he inspected the tube at the next tyre shop after a few hrs on the side of the road the tubeless tyre had a hard center seam which had worn through the tube.
  3. I've been told that a special radial approved tube needs to be used for radial tires since the radius of the tread area on a radial tire is flatter. Perhaps the tube your friend used was not for a radial tire?
  4. Most people are using tubeless tyres, including Honda with the Metzler karoo 3 at UK off road school and all off road work done by journalists at launch.

    Continental recommend trail attack 2 as a tubeless tyre fit for africa twin, very road bias, tck70 for slightly more off road and tck80 for mainly off road. Pirelli scorpion MT90 also seem popular.

    Lots of info on Facebook CRF1000 Africa Twin Group and a lot more traffic on africatwinforum.com

    these 2 groups seem to have a lot more traffic than this forum unfortunately
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  5. As far as I know it is ok to fit a tube on a tubeless tyre

    if you look to the side of the tyre there is also written "on a tube type rim, fit a tube"

    by the way i modified my rims in tubeless now and very happy of this change, with my Heidenau K60 scout

    PS: look also at the Pirelli MT90
  6. how many kays on the scout k60 are you getting and are u happy with its performance. I only got 3000 kays from the tkc 60 rear
  7. Has anybody tried a 140/80 tire?
  8. IMGP0012.JPG IMGP0006.JPG I put a pair of Heidenau k60's on. For the riding I do I really like them, on the road you can drag your toes, good on forestry service roads a mix of loose grave, hard pack, rock, loose rock ect, not the best in mud or wet clay. Just slow down. The pic's of the rear tire has 12500.kms on it, the front about 4500kms on it, about 60% 70% off road, had replace front because of 1/2 inch cut in it. IMGP0002.JPG IMGP0008.JPG
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  9. thanks rusty
    I reckon i'll go that way next that's some serious kays
  10. Queried the Avon Trailrider & Conti TKC70 with the manufacturers in the UK.
    Responses below;
    Avon "We've just developed a 150/70R18 into our Trailrider range and this size will be in production in the next couple of weeks. This new size has performed very well on the Africa Twin.
    Ashley Vowles
    Motorcycle Tyre Design Engineer

    Conti "All the tubeless versions in the TKC70 range are suitable for fitment on tube type rims, with the appropriate tube.
    David Humphreys
    Technical Adviser
    Continental Tyres (Two Wheel) UK"

    So there you go.
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  11. How do you modify the rims to use tubless tyres with out tubes?? I'd like to know how to do this. Thanks SHUMBA
  12. Check out the Outex conversion. Basically you seal the centre of the wheel with a glue(?) to prevent air loss.
  13. Ive been onto Michelin UK about tyres for the AF and have been told that they do not offer any road bias tyres but will be offering the Anakee Wild 50/50 in January.
    Disappointed as I would have loved a set of Pilot Road 4 for the AF.
  14. I have the Michelin Commander2 with tubes on my AT. Great comination!
  15. Dear AT users, I would like to ask you about feeling about TKC 70's. After 8500 km with the stock Dunlop tires, i changed with TKC 70's. The traction is way better and uncomparable with the stock tyres but i feel that the front tyre becomes very light. I mean the steering has become very fragile, after 90 km speed when i slightly hit the bars the head of the bike desires to woblle like it is going to make tank slab after 120 km. When i tried thiswith the dunlop tyre it was like rock, it didnot shake and wobbel. I read forum about that unfortunately the user report the same problem. Now i started to afraid after 100km.
    Has any one experienced this differnece on their front tyre. My front tyre pressure is as given 29psi and i aam not carriyng heavy things at the rear. My thought is for the reason for this unstability is the tyre profile is not as flat as Dunlop, they are thin on the contacting point rather than the stock tyres.

    So, if you share your own experiences i will be happy.
  16. I don’t know if it’s the weight of the bike on a knobby tire or what, but my AT seems to hate the more aggressive tires that I’ve put on the front, at least as far as pavement performance goes. Fortunately I’m looking for off road performance and am willing to deal with vague noisy tires on the pavement. Try playing with the tire pressure to see if you can make an improvement.

  17. Yes. No problems at all. Avon Trekriders for 15,000 kilometres. Worked like a charm. No noticeable difference when riding.
  18. Thanks. Could be beneficial as some brands are a lot cheaper for the 140 compared to the 150.


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