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  2. Sweet setup!
  3. thanks, I think it worked out well, esp. that I don't need any other bags (tail, tank bag) for the tools and tubes)
  4. I might steal some of your ideas. ;)

    I'm using a tool tube and a pair of Givi crashbar bags to carry all my tools, I'm sure there is room to reduce what I'm carrying.

    I did add the Honda OEM tank bag to my AT but its main purpose is to carry a water bottle, I can't get used to wearing a hydration pack.

    No pics of my setup, too icy to pull the bike out of the is detached.
  5. Go for it.
    I stole the idea about the tire spoons from another guy somewhere.
    key thing was for it to all fit on the bike. That way, if I travel light, I don't have to worry about other bags.
    My SW motech GS Tank bag (25L) monster will house my 2L water bladder (can't wear a back pack because of my airbag vest), camera, and odds and end.

    It's been stupid cold here, and tons of snow..

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