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  1. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have just over 1000 miles on my DCT AT and just switched the stock tires to a pair of the Kenda Big Block tires with new Michelin tubes. On my initial ride I notice that the shift points in S2 (where I normally ride) are slightly more aggressive. Also, and most disturbingly, when I put in full throttle when starting out on the street the traction control kicks in and slows the bike. This is in the default traction control T3 setting. If I switch the traction control to T2 it takes care of the issue and no traction control intervention takes place. Are the block tires that squirlly? Has anyone else had shift point changes or TC issues when running block tires on the road? I expect this in the dirt/gravel but was unexpected on the road. Thanks for any feedback you guys can give.
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  2. I'm running the big block on the rear and have noticed that it hooks up well in the dirt, and have made it slip on pavement. Maybe the upshift difference is the additional traction available. As fo TC on pavement, could be that you're just braking the rear loose because of the reduction in contact patch. You made a big change from going from the stock street tires to knobs, there's bound to be some differences felt.

  3. Hey, California, where are you? I'm in the Pomona area.


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