Upgraded tool kit giveaway for the best tech tip

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  1. Hi everyone,

    We're giving away an upgraded tool kit for the best tech tip. Have something you'd like to share? Post it under the Tech Tips category and you'll be automatically entered. A tech tip can be something very easy like detailing a Honda Africa Twin to something more complex like converting US spec blinkers to EU LED spec blinkers. Endless possibilities of useful tech tips and pictures/videos are highly encouraged.

    This competition is open to all US and International riders. The competition is good until the end of November and the winner will be notified. Thanks!

    P.S. The following will be included in the tool kit:

    Craftsman 8mm ratcheting wrench • Amazon
    Craftsman 10mm ratcheting wrench • Amazon
    Craftsman 11mm ratcheting wrench • Amazon
    Craftsman 12mm ratcheting wrench • Amazon
    Craftsman 15mm ratcheting wrench • Amazon

    22mm socket (don't forget the driver) • Amazon
    27mm socket (don't forget the driver) • Amazon

    17mm Axle Key • Amazon
    HW5 Hex Keys (not sure where to buy individual hex keys) • Amazon

    Flat head screw driver • Amazon
    Cross screw driver • Amazon

    Motion Pro 12/13mm tire lever • Revzilla
    Motion Pro 22mm tire lever • Revzilla
    Motion Pro 27mm tire lever • Revzilla
    Tube patches and glue • Revzilla
    Kreiga Tool Roll Bag • Revzilla
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  2. We'll be closing the best tech tip competition on November 17th, 2017 and the winner will be announced November 20th, 2017. We've had some excellent submissions. Best of luck to all!
  3. Congrats to @belrix for winning the 2017 Africatwin.org's best tech tip competition. With so many great submissions, we'd like to give a shout out to @Corki as well. Great job guys!
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  4. Grats @belrix well deserved mate [​IMG]
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