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  1. Picked up a 2016 red with dct for $11,999.
    Document fee $80.
    No freight or set up.
    15 percent off accessories, no labor to install.
    I thought that was a good deal.
    Of course, it is supposed to be winter here.
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  2. Recently got a quote for a 2017 Honda Africa Twin in HRC colors at powerhouse dealer in SoCal... Out the door price is $16,000 with the usual dealer prep fees, registration and taxes (I live in L.A. County and got hit hard). It might be better to wait a few more months until Honda announces the 2018 model for the 2017 prices to drop for those who are serious. Happy hunting!
  3. Just FYI, the one I just picked up I will probably be selling when I get the title from Sacramento in a few weeks.
    Great bike but I'm a BMW fool and want a GSW.
    Anyone interested can e-mail me at:
    Bike is in SoCal, 3200 miles and counting, bags, Akrapovic slip-on, centerstand, tail rack.
    Pristine, I don't think it's even ever been washed...

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    Those BMWs are fine machines! @Rapid Dog if you want, you can post to the classifieds section in this forum. It gets more eyes and google will pick it up increasing your chances. I'll also post it to the Facebook group page too! Good luck selling her! She's pretty.

    edit* - Create a new thread here in the classifieds section. Makes it easier to link.
  5. @SoCalEddie Wow... $16,000 out the door. Might as well wait for the 2018 model now.

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