What did you do to your bike today??

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  1. I replaced the OEM footpegs with XR650R wide pegs for a total cost of £18. I had to file the inner pin bracket of the new pegs slightly as they were a bit tight but apart from that a direct swap. No need to change the pins and springs as the OEM ones fit.
  2. I finally got her cleaned. It's almost time to do chain maintenance so I ordered some things online. @Corki how are you enjoying the wide pegs? Considering swapping out my oem ones.
  3. I haven't had a chance to try them as just fitted but will let you know. The reason I went for wider pegs is I have Alpinestars Tech 5 boots and the OEM's were feeling a bit small. I had to adjust the gear lever on the upper spline as not enough movement in the rod and you can only go so far in 1st, but all good now. That isn't because of the peg change btw just my boots.
  4. Currently taking on a big project and trying to figure out how to convert the U.S. incandescent blinkers to the EU LED spec blinkers using all Honda OEM parts. Will post a tutorial when everything works!
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  5. @SeaEngine Went for my first ride with the wide pegs and initially thought not liking this, kicked them numerous times on stop and start and had to re-place my foot slightly for gear changes. They took some getting used to especially the grip as opposed to the rubber inserts and sliding my foot under the gear lever, but after an hours riding they were great and definitely staying on the bike. Loads more room so you don't have to touch the frame with the inner sides of your boots. They give a much better foot position seated or standing and give better feel/control of the bike. If you're going to get some I would recommend getting ones with rounded grip tips and not sharp as these would give a bit more free boot movement. Definitely worth a go. Hope this helps.
  6. @SoCalEddie Are you going to use the same blinkers and replace bulbs with LED's or use OEM EU blinkers? You may need to introduce a resistor in the loop with your current flasher unit as bulbs act as a type of resistor and will flash fast with LED's, or change the flasher unit.
  7. Bought a pair of Kewell LED lights and ordered a fog light switch and sub harness to set the bike up with DRL's.
  8. @Corki Thanks for the advice. Currently planning on replacing the US blinkers with OEM EU blinkers with OEM Honda components. This might be over my head but going to take a stab at it. Planning on replacing all four blinkers.

    @Davy F Those Kawell lights are a good deal! This is from another thread but the rider had Kawell lights installed. Looks clean! https://www.africatwin.org/threads/something-wrong-with-lights.1279/
  9. @SoCalEddie I subscribe to a channel and they just realised a video on what you're looking for. All you'll need is 4 EU LED blinkers and 2 resistors. Take a look.
  10. IMG_2725.JPG IMG_2726.JPG IMG_2731.JPG IMG_2732.JPG Fitted a pair of GSG crash bungs today. German quality at a reasonable price. Had to drop the headers to fit the new engine brackets which wasn't hard, just slightly annoying. I also had to champer an edge of the left hand alloy tube as it was just touching the pipe, but you wouldn't have to do that if you have the oe headers in place.
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  11. IMG_2727.JPG So, everything considered, I'm very pleased. I know they'll not offer the same protection as a full set of scaffolding, but they'll hopefully keep my cases intact should the worst happen.
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  12. @Corki Thank you for this! After doing more research, this information has become useful.
  13. Worked on a new bar riser design.

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    That's interesting. Is this for personal use or will you manufacture them and sell through your business. If so, do you have to get them tested by the powers that be before releasing to the public?
    If you're looking for R&D ideas for your business, one thing there's a lack of for the AT is skid plates for full system after market exhausts. Not a problem for Termignoni but the others suffer with choice. Also engine case protection, I'm not talking about crash bars but more case covers similar to the one in the link.
    Carbon fibre is expensive to us mortals but similar products for other bikes and made from hard wearing plastic - link below
    Admittedly these ideas are more rally specific but would be good for road use too.
    I'd best stop now...:)
  15. @Corki Here is a link to more of the story. https://www.africatwin.org/threads/new-bar-riser-project.1341/
    Thanks for the great feedback. Feel free to jump over to the above link. I don't want to high jack this thread.
    I've got a lot of years of product development and we have a good test process planned out before we release these to the public. We've already done quite a bit of CAD simulation and they are much stronger than the stock bar riser. Not that they need to be.
  16. Just stickied this thread. Keep em’ coming! :)
  17. I put some new dents in the rims, a couple in the skid plate and added some twig pinstripes.
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  18. It warmed up to freezing today...so I rode to work!

    (Have I mentioned that I love heated gear?)
  19. Took it to my buddies shop to get some new rubber installed. Going riding Monday. It's been toooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  20. I didn't do a darn thing to it today. Even in my heated shop it's just too darn cold. Current temp here is now -6º F.....HOLY CRAP! Walk outside and your testes jump up into your abdomen. It's a wee bit chilly.
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