What oil do you use?

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  1. Let's get this thread started. What kind of oil do you use for your Honda Africa Twin and why?
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    I'll bite on this. I use olive oil just in case I need to cook a meal in the desert somewhere... haha

    I used to be a big Mobil 1 guy. Used it on my Triumph Bonneville and Honda Rebel for a long time. My buddy gave me Motul oil to try out and have never gone back.

    Motul for me. Motul 10w50 is what's in the bike now and have been happy with it.
  3. I've had good results with Mobil 1 10w-40 Racing 4T oil. My application for the bike is scooting around town and maybe carrying another passenger. Nothing too extreme. Heard awesome things about Motul as well! Maybe I'll give Motul a try on my next service.
  4. Motul 10W30 4T
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  5. Putting in Rotella T6 later today. Ran it in my vfr800 for 70,000 and never had an issue.

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  6. I like Motul. Also, maybe because I am a sucker coming from the KTM world or just have a thing for the Swiss, but I am also a fan of Motorex. I may just keep going with that :)
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