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    Greetings to all,

    Been watching this thread hoping that there would be other riders from Asia who would post, seeing none; with the moderator's permission I will start the ball rolling.

    During the cold winter months I usually head towards warmer climates and this takes me to our winter getaway in the Philippines where I ride a 2000 RD04 Africa Twin. I lusted for these awesome machines when I saw a video clip of an AT forging a river in Europe where the water was just about mid tank high!!!!! Never had any luck finding one in the god ole USA but did manage to find this amazing example of Honda brilliance in the Philippines.

    Have ridden her in a couple of 24 hr endurance races (similar to our Ironbutt) but in far less than ideal road conditions, have taken her through the northern mountain regions as well as the southern parts of the country all in dirt and gravel roads. This machine takes it all with a smile and asks for more. I am now anxious to see how the new CRF 1000L Africa Twin will compare to the older generation.

    I know there is one other RD04 out there in the Philippines - come on Doc, lets hear from you - and to all the other Asian Riders let your sweet sounding V twins rumbling sounds be heard on this forum !!!!

    Wishing your adventures never end.


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    Sorry folks - learning this new system of posting
  3. I'm based in the Kansai region of Japan, which is the Osaka, Kyoto, Nara area.
  4. Welcome PathRider

    Thank you for chiming in and letting the forum know that there are others in the Greater Asian Area that ride Africa Twins!! I was getting a bit lonely all by myself here. :) Hope you are doing well and are in the best of health.

    I was in your area last year as we chased the Sakura (cherry blossoms) riding the Shinkansen from Hiroshima thru Osaka , Kyoto, Nagano then Tokyo. Beautiful country and great people!! I have a brother who had been based out of the Tokyo area the last 15 years and go over for short visits at least once a year.

    Wishing your adventures never end,
  5. I'm Asian, but I'm not in Asia atm. Originally from Hong Kong, bought up in Sydney, and now living and riding in Dresden Germany. Can't say I've ridden much in Asia apart from island hoping in Thailand.

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  6. Hi Washryc,

    Your life's journey is really spread out all over the world :) !!

    Riding in Asia is a whole different mindset and skill level - you more than likely know if you have ridden in Thailand so different from the rest of the western world - gotta have eyes all around and ride defensive at the same time if an opening presents itself - GRAB it without hesitation or face the chance of being run down!

    You probably are riding the CRF 1000L being in Germany - we are still waiting for the bikes to land on the western shores; dealers estimate is mid June for the tri-color standard shift and late May for the Double clutch single color. However with the recent earthquake that hit Japan - we are to expect a bit more of a delay, since the area hit was where the manufacturing plants were situated. Hoping htat not many were hurt too bad.

    Have fun riding and safe journeys,
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  7. I live in Thailand

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