Yosemite FORA spring ride

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  1. Here's a video I made of the Yosemite Family Off Road Adventure ride I went on during the spring. Fun trip, met some new people. Saw a couple AT's out on the trails. Even a guy on a big Harley pulling a trailer trying to do the same trails. Spoiler alert, he had issues at both water crossings.

    They are putting on another event/ride in a couple weeks. Planning on going again.


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  2. That's cool, thanks for sharing - nice that you go back and help others :)
  3. Got to help others. Never know when it'll be me who needs help next. Helped the Harley guy get out of the second water crossing too. But I wasn't recording then, video would have been too long and full of cursing. LOL

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  4. This is excellent. Thanks for sharing!
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